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Welcome to Passionate Living

About the Practice

PASSIONATE LIVING is a private practice situated close to the border of Mpumalanga & Limpopo in the Loskop Valley (Groblersdal).  We specialize in individualized career direct consulting, guidance & mentoring. We also specialize in therapeutic programs which address  a very broad spectrum of learining difficulties. The focus is on the individual but within the family structure by applying the DIRFloortime model and approach. Our comprehensive assessments that include the Listening Test (TLTS) is available to only a very few qualiied SOLISTEN Level 2 Practitoners in South-Africa. We cover the full spectrum of clients by including pediatrics, teenagers, adults and the elderly. Our services are available at the PASSIONATE LIVING Centre & @ Home programs making the latter more cost effective and less time consuming.

About the Owner

Practice Owner: Lucinda Hertzog

Practice Owner: Lucinda Hertzog

As teacher and parent of two teenage boys, I relate to the performance issues at hand from this dual perspective and approach the challenge not as a symptom to treat but as a hurdle to cross on your way to success. Most importantly also children & parents alike do not function in isolation and working on this important relationship aslo always showed imporvement on academic, sport & personal level for all parties involved. I found that by building on small successes in the short term and hereby establishing a good sense of self-worth and confidence, people in general achieve much higher than expected results. In short my passion lies in assisting the individual in overcoming any constraint they might encounter on their way to achieving success and happiness in life and this involves unlocking your full potential by maximizing your talents and abilities and learning how to thrive on it!

From the very first moment I set foot in a classroom I could not help but notice the need for accommodation of special and individual needs for learners, regardless of their ability or age. From the quiet observer to the class clown, the rebel or board genius, hyperactive or dyslectic, everybody thrived when met at their level of competence. With this approach I accomplished fantastic results in the classroom, specializing in facilitating reading & learning difficulties. In my experience in classrooms from Gravelotte in Limpopo, Bergvlam in Venda, Garsfontein in Pretoria, Du Preez van Wyk in Bronkhorstspruit and schools in Groblersdal the same factors were found to be most important contributors to pupils under or over performance. During my extensive research and further education & training all my suspicions were confirmed and I found my classroom practice to be in agreement with the latest developments now vailable on educational and other specializations levels.


Educational Assessments


Best aid & most accurate assessment available.
(Afrikaans & English) 

Comprehensive approach by matching:
Personality with Interests
Values with Skills & Abilities

For Scholars
Gr 9 - Subject Choices
Gr 10 to 12 - Vocational Guidance

Compatibility Test available.

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Occupational Assessments


Best aid & most accurate assessment available.
(Afrikaans & English)

For Employers
- Appraisals    
- Placements   
- Restructuring

For Employees
- Determining job expectations 
- Chosing the right environment 
- What type of job do I apply for?

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Therapeutic Assessments & Programs


     Barriers that are holding you back?

     - Learning problems
     - Memory improvement
     - Dyslexia, Reading Skills, Spelling
     - Concentration
     - Exam stress
     - ADD & ADHD
     - Autism, Dimentia
     - Brain Injury & Stroke recovery
     - Alzheimers, Asperger, Parkinsons
     - Stutter, Tinitus and more.

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Motivational Talks & Workshops

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